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Marietta, GA personal injury attorney Michael R. Braun talks about his experience as a lawyer.

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When I first started practicing when I first got out of law school and passed the bar I started working for a large advertising personal injury firm. And one of the problem with working there and they were great to me and I loved the people that I worked with unfortunately, the model that they had did not allow for the trying of cases. So we settled cases but we never really took them to trial. I knew early on that I wanted to be a trial lawyer so after about four years I left there and started my own firm. In the past 20 years or so, I’ve tried over 100 cases to juries everywhere from as north as Dalton and Woodfield County down south to Dougherty County in Albany, Georgia.

And I think that the benefit has been that trying cases in small counties as well as large counties I’ve gotten a good feeling for what I think juries will do with certain types of case and how to appeal to those juries to maximize the recovery for my clients. Again, I’ve tried over 100 cases everything from slip and fall cases to car wreck to tractor-trailers to motorcycles, you name it, I think I’ve been in court on it. And again, I think that experience really helps me every time I go into court now to know what a jury’s going to do and how to approach a certain case.

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