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Opening Statements

Marietta, GA personal injury attorney Michael R. Braun talks about how an opening statement may be one of the most vital parts of trial.

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I’ll tell you it’s one of those things, I heard this a long, long time ago that cases can’t be won in opening statements but they certainly can be lost. Opening statements in my opinion are one of the most important parts of a trial because it really sets the stage for the what the evidence is going to show and what the story of your case is. And that’s kind of the most important thing to me is setting up the story, explaining to the jury why your client was injured and why they’re entitled to compensation for what they’ve been through. And it does go back to telling the story of your client.

Part of that is really getting to know your client beforehand. Sitting down and talking to them not just about the case but getting to know who they are as a person, what they’ve been through, what the case has caused them to experience, and how it’s affected not just them but their family. Oftentimes when you have significant injuries it affects everybody in your life not just you and it’s that story that becomes so important to explain to the jury so that on the back end when the jury is faced with having to make an award they understand all aspects of the case not just the injuries that have affected you. And all of that starts with the story in opening statements explaining those things to them and getting them to understand who your client is, what your client is about, and how the case is affected them.

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