Meet the Family Law Attorneys Attorney in Rockville, Maryland

What background and experience do you have that prepared you for your current practice?

Rockville, MD family law attorney Stuart Knotts Skok talks about her background and experience.

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The things that have prepared me for my current practice actually started when I first got out of law school. The first thing was there were no family law firms really to speak of back then. I didn’t have it, but I knew I wanted to practice family law. I ended up opening up my own law firm when I got a law school with a partner. Basically thrown into the fire; I had to be an entrepreneur. I had to figure out how to run a business; market myself, retain clients. And, you know, it created that sort of – that skillset that I’ve used ever since.

But more important to that, and on top of that, is I stopped what having my own firm on my own because, you know, what I found is the way that you become the best lawyer that you’re gonna be is by learning from those who are more experienced than you and more seasoned. So after that, I really only have that firm for about a year or so. I’ve since been with larger firms with lawyers far more seasoned and experienced, who I could see in practice. I could see their mistakes, what they learned from, and kind of mold my own way. So the combination of having that entrepreneurship to start, and then mentorship to really learn and develop, has led me to be able to have my own practice now where I am largely on my own.

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