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So, the mission of my law firm is not to have the most number of cases possible in a given year. Less is more. If we can’t handle your case 100 percent, or if we don’t think were the right fit, we’re not gonna take your case because we’re not gonna be able to handle it in a way that matters and makes a difference. And, you know, I really actually get this philosophy from my father. He was a lawyer, a far different field, but also had his own law firm.

And he always said to me that if you’re gonna do something, don’t just sign up, show up, put it on your resume to check the box, but you know do it in a way that matters; matters to you, to them, to the world, you know. Have an objective going in and a strategy so that you leave the person or thing better off as result of you. And I saw him really put this philosophy to practice in his career passion, which was the expansion of safe nuclear power. That was what he did is that nuclear energy lawyer and I saw the results. And so it inspires me to do that, to do cases in a way that really matter for each case.

Rockville, MD family law attorney Stuart Knotts Skok talks about the mission of her firm.

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