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I think the advice that I repeat to my clients, and it tends to be early on in the case, is that I’ve come to develop three rules of my representation that I find are tried and true. And the first rule is that you need to tell me the truth. I mean, it seems obvious. Everything you tell me is confidential. You should feel free to tell me the truth. But not everybody does because there are certain facts maybe you don’t want to come out. But when they do come out, if I don’t know them, I can’t help you as well. So you need to tell me the truth.

And the second rule is you need to take my advice, which, again, seems obvious because you’re paying me to give you advice, but in the emotional sort of journey of a divorce, there’s often times were clients are afraid to take the advice or they second guess it because of how they’re feeling. And that’s natural. But it’s important to take my advice because I’ve been down this road and I know how it plays out.

And the third rule is to pay my bill. You know, and I’ve found that, I think, it was probably seven-eight years into my practice, where I wondered, you know, what happens, what are the common denominators in cases; cases that go really well and cases that go south. And I found that in the cases that went south, these were the common denominators. You know, when I didn’t know the truth, when they didn’t follow my advice, or they didn’t pay my bill.

Those are the cases that didn’t go well for the client. But when they did, all those three things, 99 percent of the time their cases went well. So this is what I tell my clients so that they can kind of know the expectations going in and kind of stay the course through the case.

Rockville, MD family law attorney Stuart Knotts Skok shares her most common advice to clients.

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