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Meet Samantha Mori

Dallas, TX family law attorney Samantha Mori shares the most rewarding aspect of her practice as well as the one piece of advice she repeatedly gives to clients.

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The most rewarding aspect of my practice is helping families find unique solutions that are going to work for them moving forward. The end of a relationship is a tough and emotional process and when children are involved it can be difficult and emotional. And helping families find solutions that are great for their kids so that they can coparent and move together to that next step successfully is really rewarding.

Another rewarding aspect of my practice is helping people who are going through a really difficult time in their life. We work with people who are going through one of the toughest things they’ve ever experienced and being there for them and easing at least one part of their struggle and knowing that we’re on their team is really rewarding for me personally.

The one piece of advice I give to all of my clients over and over is that they have to be honest and transparent with us as their lawyers. We’re there to provide them advice and solutions and it’s critical that they tell us the truth and give us the full story because if we don’t have the full story, we can’t provide them the best strategies moving forward. And nothing that a client will tell me will – I won’t judge them for it. I’ve heard it all, nothing they say will surprise me. And so, it’s really important for clients to know that we are there, you can tell us anything, it’s confidential, and it’s critical that we know everything so that we can provide you that advice moving forward.

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