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Los Angeles, CA family law attorney Dora Larson talks about the most rewarding aspect of her practice and common advice she gives to her clients.

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So what I find to be rewarding about family law is that people come to us frequently in one of the worst times in their lives. It’s extremely stressful, often very upsetting, it drags out longer than people want. And although the process can be difficult, challenging, emotionally, financially, almost universally, people are happier when it’s over and families tend to reconfigure and start functioning better when it’s over, that’s a very satisfying thing. Although people think about divorce as being a sad thing, it frequently results in a much more functional dynamic for that particular family, and it’s always nice to see people go from really stressed out to, you know, not necessarily delighted but certainly more liberated and more settled once it’s finished and that’s a nice thing to be a part of.

One piece of advice that I find myself saying over and over to people is, at least as far as the financial components of a divorce are concerned, to treat it like a business decision. To try to separate out the emotional pieces that might come with all aspects of a divorce and really look at the assets, look at the debts, look at the support and make a decision as if you’re running a business. That means don’t spend $15,000.00 to get $10,000.00 back, even if you feel like you’re entitled to that $10,000.00. Look at how the case is going, look at what your chances are in court, think about your attorney’s fees and make a financially sound decision not one that’s driven more by your feelings.

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