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, California

Dora is a dedicated family law associate with a wealth of experience across all aspects of family law litigation and mediation. She possesses specialized expertise in handling cases involving same-sex couples, adoptions, and assisted reproduction.

Prior to her focus on family law, Dora worked in the field of unclaimed property law and compliance in Connecticut. In this role, she conducted compliance audits of insurance companies on behalf of state governments, ensuring adherence to legal requirements. During her time in law school, Dora gained valuable experience at the Department of State, providing support to attorneys working on international claims and investment disputes. She also interned at prominent organizations such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Environmental Law Institute, further expanding her legal knowledge and skills. Dora actively contributed to the legal community as a member of the George Washington International Law Review and dedicated three years of her time volunteering for a domestic violence legal hotline.

With her diverse background and comprehensive understanding of family law, Dora is well-equipped to provide exceptional legal assistance and guidance to clients in various family law matters.

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