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the most rewarding aspect to me is

relatively easy to answer

we help a lot of very good people

uh at the worst points of their life you

know we’ve come across many many just

good people good moms good dads

uh good husbands good wives and they

find themselves in situations they might

never have imagined

it could be

you know needing protection from a

spouse getting protection for children

getting them financial security

protecting them against some

overreaching on the part of a spouse you


really good people going through very

difficult times and when you’re able to

help guide them through this difficult

process and get them to where they need

to be that’s where i think we get a lot

of satisfaction and what keeps us going


outside the office when i’m not

practicing law i just try to enjoy life

really it’s that simple

i say it to a lot of clients i say to a

lot of my friends you know i don’t take

this for granted we’re alive thank god

we’re healthy thank god and just try to

enjoy every day

spend time with my family spend time

with our friends

you know could be going out to dinners

nice dinners regular dinners going

outside for walks just playing around

with the kids whatever it might be

hopefully uh with the world opening up

we could take some nice vacations again

but really just try to enjoy life one

day at a time

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NYC family law attorney Dan Rottenstreich shares the most rewarding aspect of his practice and what he does outside of the office.

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