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Sometimes I am asked what does it mean to be board certified in family law in Texas? And it means that after taking the bar exam I was somehow still willing to take another test in order to prove the depth of my knowledge in family law. But more importantly, what it means is that I have satisfied the requirements of the state bar of Texas for meeting this specialty area. And that means that I have mediated dozens and dozens of cases at that point in time in family law. That I have gone to trial and presented evidence for clients in a trial setting many, many times. That I have had a jury trial in the family law case. That I have had appellate work in the family law case and so forth and so on. It means that I have had significant involvement in this practice area. And then, in addition, I also had to study for and take an examination on the topic, the various topics involved in family. And it’s a pretty in-depth level of topics I’ll have to say. But only a small percentage of family law practitioners actually achieve certification in this area.

Houston, TX family law attorney Cindy Diggs explains what it means to be board-certified in family law.

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