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My philosophy as a lawyer it always boils down to one question how do I best serve this particular client. And it’s not always about the end result, you know the documents it can be about am I good advocate for them, am I good confidant? With estate planning people end up sharing a lot of personal information and it could be family dynamics, chemical dependency, mental health issues and so I really want to respect that and honor that and recognize that wow, they trust me enough to share those things with me.

The day is always different and every client that walks in the door has a story. And so it doesn’t matter how many meetings I’ve been in but it seems like I always learn something. It could be oh wow, she has a really cool business, or he has a really interesting philosophy of life. I mean you always walk out having learned something and so that’s what I love about it.

Well, in my practice, I have wonderful clients but I’d have to say one in particular who has brought a real interesting situation to the table is a young widow. It’s a devastating lost. She’s not a US citizen and so there’s complications there. We’re dealing with a foreign will and when you have that, you have a very complicated probate process and so it’s been really good for me to help her through that process, help her navigate, and be a part of her support team so it’s been really rewarding for me.

Watch this brief introduction video to estate planning attorney Karen Schlotthauer as she talks about a specific situation that she found rewarding in her job as well as her philosophy to being an estate planning attorney.

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