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Cost of Estate Planning

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Well, what’s the cost of not doing it it’s really it’s very economical to get it done and get your planning done because if things are left unorganized and in shambles, you’re family always incurs more fees, more hassle, more time delays. It’s really a disservice to them. But in terms of fees it’s always hard to just point blank state what it’s going to cost to someone. But our firm does planning on a flat fee basis so everybody knows up front what the plan is going to cost. And so there’s no surprises, everybody knows what to expect, and we tell them the flat fee at the first meeting so they make a decision at that time whether they want to move forward with it or not. But in terms of price range, it could be anything from let’s say $900.00 to upwards of the $4,000.00 range depending upon the sophistication.

Eden Prairie, MN Estate Planning Attorney Karen Schlotthauer talks about the pros/cons of not doing an estate plan and doing an estate plan as well as the overall cost of hiring a lawyer to do one.

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