Meet the Commercial Litigators Attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota

What Makes Your Practice Style Unique?

Minneapolis, MN Transportation Law Attorney, Jason Engkjer, discusses his unique practice style.

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I learned long ago early on my practice that it’s important to have those open conversations with the clients. And I don’t think this is a lawyer issue. I think this is just a general issue. It’s human nature for you to not to want to face a difficult situation, try to avoid it to a certain extent. And you certainly don’t want to talk about it. What I have, what I ensure with each of my clients is that, again, I can have those open and candid conversations. Have them in a comfortable setting, being able to explain them to them cogently. And so that they, again, can appreciate maybe the particular gravity of the situation because at the end of the day they are gonna have to have – they’re gonna have to make some difficult decisions.

I also think that I do pride myself on approaching each situation as creatively as I possibly can. You have to look at all angles. Some lawyers, their approach is to go full steam ahead and they don’t want to think about creative solutions to a particular problem, again, whether it’s in transactions or whether it’s in litigation. So having a creative approach, understanding and at least appreciating the other side’s viewpoint I think serves you well, as well as serves the client better at the end of the day.

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