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Types of Litigation Matters Handled

Minneapolis, MN Transportation Law Attorney, Jason Engkjer, talks about the general matters he litigates for his clients.

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So I’m a business lawyer, and I handle a number of different areas I guess I would say classically in business law whether they’re contract disputes or employee disputes, shareholder-type litigation or even complex matters themselves. We had discussed it earlier, but transportation law is a unique area that we handle. And litigation in the transportation context is also quite unique as well.

There are a number of federal statutes, federal regulations many times that are involved in transportation litigation. You have to understand what the laws are. You have to understand what the regulations are. And certainly that’s not the time to try to understand or try to educate yourself. So especially in the transportation context, that’s an area that we know well, we’ve been doing a very long time. We’ve litigated all types of different matters when it comes to transportation law. And as a consequence, we really do understand, know, and appreciate what is involved when it comes to transportation litigation.

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