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The practice of law can be very rewarding. Certainly, when you win a case for a client and the client is very happy and you get some thank you notes from them that’s probably best reward that we can have. But it’s very disappointing when you lose things and so you can have both sides of it and anybody who’s been practicing for a long time you’ve had some wins you’ve had some losses. And so you have to be prepared that you can lose and you have to advise your clients that it is possible to lose. But on the transaction side, it’s always great to conclude any transaction.

Some of them I’ve been involved in negotiations where they go on over a month, there’s 100-page contracts, I’m on a conference call and there’s an attorney on the East Coast, an attorney on the West Coast, two from Minnesota because there’s so many parties to it. And they’re all negotiating these terms and you can spend two and three hours on conference calls. And when you get that done after doing that type of activity for over a period of a month it’s very rewarding to have that contract in place.

Minneapolis commercial litigation and professional liability defense attorney Keith Broady shares what he enjoys about being a lawyer.

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