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Meet Michelle Otero Valdés

Miami, FL admiralty & maritime attorney Michelle Otero Valdés shares the philosophy that guides her work, her credentials, and what she loves most about the maritime industry.

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My philosophy is clients first. So I answer e-mails the same day they come in. I answer the telephone. I answer client communications. If for whatever reason I’m not available at that moment to handle a question at length, I will let you, as a client, know. That is my focus, client centered and making sure that I can handle it in the most effective and prompt manner because that’s what clients expect.

Well, I’ll focus on one and that is certification. I’m board certified in admiralty and maritime law. What does that mean? Well, like a doctor has a board certification in say, neurology and you need to see a neurologist, I have been tested by the Florida bar, I have been peer-reviewed, I’ve had extensive investigation into my background to confirm that, in fact, I’m an expert in the area of admiralty and maritime law. And I think that that is an important certification for any client looking for someone to handle an admiralty and maritime law matter.

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