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Choosing a Lawyer

Minneapolis, MN Transportation Law Attorney, Jason Engkjer, discusses what clients should look for when choosing a lawyer.

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First, of course, I think the lawyer, again, needs to be able to have an open and candid conversation with the client. And I think that’s something that the client should expect. The client should not expect a situation where the client is attempting to make things look differently than what they really are. I think that’s an important component. Secondly, you have to like the person that you’re dealing with. You have to – your personalities have to fit. And whether you’re talking about a large institutional client or you’re talking about a small mom and pop shop, for example, the client has to be able to sit across from the table and not only talk about the particular matter that you’re dealing with, but also people have a casual conversation and like the person that you’re dealing with. So, again, I think first impressions can be important for the client as well.

And I think the third part of it is that the client has to be comfortable. And what I mean by that is the client has to be comfortable to be able to ask difficult questions and be prepared to get difficult answers if that’s the case. Too many times clients are afraid to ask questions, whether they feel as though it’s not a – it’s a stupid question or they feel they should know the answer to it or, quite frankly, they don’t want to know what the answer is. So the client needs to be comfortable with the lawyer and be able to ask and have that interaction with the lawyer, but ask those difficult questions. And quite frankly, expect the difficult answers as well.

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