What is premises liability?

Chicago, IL Personal Injury Attorney Mark P. Loftus talks about what premises liability usually is.

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Premises liability is commonly referred to as slip and falls in the vernacular. You see a lot of those cases. They’re difficult cases because, in my experience anyway, jury’s tend not to like them ‘cause you often find people on the jury who have property they own and maintain and they’re worried about getting sued. And the jury instructions in premises liability cases can be very difficult unless you structure your case properly to get around those difficulties. And I’ve been able to do that.

For example, there was a case I recently resolved growing out of the south suburbs where a very nice elderly woman was going down a flight of stairs that were poorly marked and were not properly situated in the restaurant so that she fell and suffered a broken hip as well as other significant injuries. And we were able to demonstrate that the restaurant owner, that the stairs are in the restaurant were not quite up to code and had other significant variances from the code and appropriate requirements.

And we were able to resolve that case on a favorable basis.