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Denton, TX trial attorney Grace Weatherly talks about an important medical malpractice case she was a part of.

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Medical malpractice cases are another field that there are very few lawyers who still do that kind of work. It takes a lot of knowledge of medicine, which I enjoy learning. It takes a lot of experts that you have to hire and I think there’s no, really more important work than ferreting out those few physicians in our society and other healthcare providers that just aren’t doing their jobs. They’re injuring patients instead of helping them.

Well this particular client had an injury in a surgery his ureter was nicked in a surgery but rather than admit that he’d made the error the doctor continued, the surgeon continued to deny that he ever made this injury. And our client had a prolonged course of treatment, other surgeries he required and he ended up owing over a million dollars in medical expenses that his health insurance company through his employer paid.

What was remarkable about the case from our perspective is when the insurance company came to us and said share your settlement with us and pay us back the million dollars that we paid in your medical expense. We were able to go back and go through the CPT billing codes that the doctor had written down for the diagnosis and why all that treatment was necessary. Of course, he never admitted that he injured the ureter so none of those CPT codes were for a ureter injury. Consequently, we were able to satisfy that subrogation claim where the insurance company wanted paid back for tens of thousands of dollars rather than the over a million dollars that they sought. It was a great result for our client. ‘

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