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Handling Plaintiff and Defendant Medical Malpractice Cases

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You know, from day one, I can anticipate the defense themes in a case, and I can usually anticipate where they’re going in terms of defending, what issues, what theories, and I think that’s helpful to kind of head them off at the pass.  It’s also helpful when you’re trying a case, because my last case that I tried, my former mentor was on the other side.

So, I, frankly, knew how he tried a case.  I knew the questions he asked voir dire.  I knew the themes that he developed in trial, and so I think it’s helpful to have that kind of inside information.  It’s also helpful to understand how the defense evaluates cases in terms of damages and risk, and I think that’s beneficial to my clients that I have experience on both sides.

Minneapolis Medical Malpractice and Civil Litigation Attorney, Kathleen Loucks, discusses handling medical malpractice cases for both plaintiffs and defendants and how it affects her work.

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