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I have a reputation for doing good work in medical negligence cases and other personal injury cases, but I always want to caution people that, in fact, I think most doctors do excellent work, and in my career, I’ve represented far, far more doctors than I’ve ever sued. I – trying to count them, I think I’ve represented at least a dozen psychiatrists. I’ve represented at least half a dozen anesthesiologists. I’ve represented sort of uncounted internists and infectious disease guys and whatever.

I don’t represent them, necessarily, when they’re sued for negligent behavior. The medical malpractice insurance companies have a stable of high-quality lawyers. Let me tell you, they’re very well-represented, but many doctors who have claims made against them don’t wanna rely exclusively on that insurance company lawyer, and they will hire me privately to look over the shoulder of the insurance company lawyer. I’ve done that many, many times over the years.

But more often, I’ve represented doctors when they have issues that are unrelated to negligent treatment. Doctors commonly have questions about licensing, the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice. I’ve practiced many times in front of them protecting doctors who have had accusations made against them that are incorrect. I’ve represented many doctors who have had credentialing issues. Either they’ve applied for credentials and they’ve been turned down for an unwarranted reason or someone has tried to take their credentials away, and these can be challenging and heartrending, in fact, intensive kinds of cases.

And doctors, for all the criticism we can make on ’em from a medical malpractice point of view, really have a tough row to hoe, and they are praying to a lot of gods insofar as they have patients that have unreal expectations and administrators that have unreal expectations and payors who don’t wanna pay them for it, and then they have very difficult problems, and I’ve been proud that I have been hired by many, many doctors over the years, and sometimes, just for their personal problems. You know, a successful doctor, if his wall falls down, it’s a $100,000.00 wall in North Oaks, not a $500.00 wall down the block from me. So I just wanna say that, that I have been proud that more of my files involving the medical profession have been representing members of it than making criticisms of it.

Minneapolis personal injury lawyer Bill Tilton reflects on representing doctors.

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