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Types of Interdisciplinary Specialists

New York matrimonial and divorce attorney Jacqueline Newman of Berkman Bottger Newman & Schein discusses the different types of specialists that can be used in a collaborative family law case.

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In New York, we have what’s called the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals. And that’s an interdisciplinary approach. So, that would mean that, beyond the attorneys that you’re bringing in, you’re also going to be bringing in a divorce specialist; a divorce coach, which is a therapist trained in the process; you’re going to bring in a financial neutral – again, someone who’s trained in the process; and a child specialist, if applicable. And I have a big push on having people do the collaborative approach as the whole-group model. I tell people I’m the most expensive player on the team, so why wouldn’t you want to work with somebody who specializes in this and is ultimately going to be less expensive?

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