How to Select a Family Law Attorney Attorney in New York, New York

Most Important Factor When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

New York matrimonial and divorce attorney Jacqueline Newman of Berkman Bottger Newman & Schein discusses why the client’s comfort level with the attorney is of great importance.

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I think when you’re hiring a divorce lawyer, the most important thing to consider is really a comfort level. I mean, most attorneys that you’re going to find – as long as you’re finding people that have been doing this for a long time, and specialize in the area – you really need to make sure that you’re comfortable speaking with them. Because you can hire the best attorney in the world, but if you don’t talk to them, and you don’t tell them everything because you’re going to feel judged, or whatever it might be, they’re not going to be able to do their work for you. So, it really comes down to being able to feel comfortable, and being able to be honest with your attorney.

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