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Interdisciplinary Approach and Cost of Divorce

New York matrimonial and divorce attorney Jacqueline Newman of Berkman Bottger Newman & Schein discusses how the interdisciplinary approach impacts the cost of a divorce.

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I think initially, the interdisciplinary approach feels very expensive to clients when you come in. Because you have your – just retained your attorney, and you have to pay their retainer fee, and often, there will be retainer fees associated with the other professionals. But again, I see myself as the most expensive player on the team. So, even if you have to feel like you’re shelling out a lot of money in the beginning, I think ultimately, it will cost you much less in the end than having me do everything. And you’re bringing in people that this is what they do all day long. So, I think that it feels expensive in the beginning, but ultimately, I think it’s much less expensive to do it that way.

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