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Underinsured vs Uninsured

Minnesota personal injury attorney Bill Harper discusses uninsured and underinsured.

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Well one of the dark secrets of my past is that I ran an insurance agency and have all my Minnesota insurance licenses. And I want the whole world to know that underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage is the best deal in the insurance industry, because you are protecting yourself from people who are out there driving without licenses, without insurance coverage in the uninsured motorist facet of your policy. And in the underinsured you’re protecting yourself if you are a quadriplegic and the person hurting you only has $30,000.00, which is the mandatory minimum. Your insurance company steps into the shoes of the person who caused you your injury.

And I advise all my clients to maximize the uninsured and underinsured coverages that they purchased for their own vehicles, because it protects them from all of those risks out there that I see too often, where there is underinsured vehicles involved or uninsured vehicles involved. And so it’s a very important coverage to have. It’s mandatory under our no fault law, but the limits that are mandated are insufficient if you’re in a very serious injury accident or collision, I should say.

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