Important or Memorable Criminal Law Cases Attorney in Wheaton, Maryland

Is there a homicide case you handled that stands out as particularly memorable or rewarding?

Wheaton, MD criminal defense lawyer Andrew Jezic talks about his most memorable and personal case.

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The number one case is the case of Army Ranger Gary Smith. We represented Gary who was a sergeant in the Army Rangers, five tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, honorably discharged, excellent soldier, excellent Ranger, excellent person. He was charged with killing his roommate, fellow Army Ranger, and very close friend in their Gaithersburg apartment. We said it was suicide; the prosecution said it was homicide. We went through two lengthy trials of almost three weeks. Several appellate reversals. And then in preparation for the third trial 10 years later, we were able to get a deal where Gary had absolutely no further incarceration and he had no supervised probation and he was able to go on with his life.

And I’m happy to say that Gary works for me fulltime as a law clerk on all my homicide cases and my serious felony cases. I was best man in his wedding and he’s a very close friend. And it was a real fight, it was a lengthy battle, it seemed to go on and it did for a decade. I’m proud of every moment of it, I’m proud of him, and I think we were able to show in the end that Gary was innocent and that Gary deserved to get every break that he could. And now he’s married and he’s got a child. He’s my law clerk, he’s going to go to law school, and he’s hopefully, going to be my partner one day. So I’m really excited about that and I’m proud of him.

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