Important or Memorable Cases Attorney in San Francisco, California

What trial in your career stands out as particularly memorable?

San Francisco, CA commercial litigation attorney Edward Hugo talks about one of his most memorable trial cases in which he got a complete defense verdict.

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One of the most interesting cases I’ve tried to verdict was the Burris v. Lord case. It involved a flood in Marin County. The plaintiffs rented a first-floor retail office space from my client. It was right next to a creek and there was a 100-year flood, which caused the creek to rise and their store to flood. They sued my clients indicating my clients failed to warn them about the existence of the creek and then the potential for flood. It was an interesting case for a number of reasons: one, it was literally a 100-year flood. Second, it’s the only case that I’ve tried with my wife. She actually worked the case up and we tried it together and we got a complete defense verdict in that case.

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