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Can you tell us about your work with researchers and academics?

Cambridge, MA immigration lawyer Kasia Loor talks about her work with researchers and academics.

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We are fortunate enough to work with really interesting people from a variety of fields, from biomedical research through computer vision. The most cutting edge technologies that are being invented by these people. I have often feel very honored that I’m able to be part of their journey and allow them to take that next step towards achieving their goals by allowing them to get a visa to stay here permanently and work.

The Outstanding Researcher visa is an immigrant visa petition that allows for a nationalist to obtain the green card in the United States. There is a certain number of criteria they have to meet to qualify for the Outstanding Researcher visa. There is a list of six potential criteria that can be considered and they have to meet at least two, which is one less than the other immigrant visa petition in the same category for the Extraordinary Ability petitions.

What is different about Outstanding Researchers and are outstanding professors and researchers, they have to be sponsored by a US employer. So unlike the EB-1 Extraordinary Ability cases the Outstanding Researchers have to have an employer that meets certain criteria. The employers need to be either universities and they need to offer a ten year track positions or a research positions.

But it’s also possible for the private employers to sponsor Outstanding Researchers. We actually do it quite a lot. Those employers need to employ at least three full-time researchers in their divisions, and they have to prove that a private organization, they have achieved certain amount of success in that academic field in which this foreign national specializes.

It’s not so difficult to meet the burden usually by the private employers that come to us. They hire researchers. That’s why they hire deferring nationals. And they able to prove that and get the Outstanding Researcher petition approved.

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