How to Prove a Civil Rights Violation

Minneapolis attorney Robert Bennett describes what is necessary to prove a civil rights violation.

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Well it depends on the kind of case it is. If it’s excessive force, that is that the police acted in an objectively unreasonable manner. For example, if the person was giving up and surrendering and they beat him or set a canine on them, that would be an example. In the prison setting, for example we had somebody with tuberculosis, active tuberculosis, that went untreated for 46 days and as a result, 150 other people caught the disease. The guards and inmates alike, that’s sort of what happened in a correctional setting. There are all sorts of examples: schools and other kinds of violations. Perhaps, we’ve even had an unconstitutional sump pump inspections. So they fine you if they don’t go into your house. Well they need a warrant.

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