Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Lawyer

Minneapolis attorney Robert Bennett explains when someone facing a problem should contact a lawyer.

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You should consider the kinds of factors that I just had to explain to the family of an injured person that was at CMC today. They want someone, you want someone who has done the type of work that needs to be done – in this case it was a catastrophic injury – that has dealt with the sophisticated medical problems and can understand and explain those. That’s dealt with the various insurance problems and can understand and explain those and prosecute what you want done, and who understands and can explain the liability that is who is at fault, why they’re at fault, as well as the damages. In catastrophic injury cases, that’s very important because you have to be able to explain to a jury or to an adjuster how they really have to feel this person’s pain, which is hard to do.

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