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What do you Enjoy About Criminal Defense?

Minneapolis criminal defense attorney, Ryan Garry on what he enjoys about the practice of criminal defense law.

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I enjoy helping people. When a person comes to me and they’ve been charged with a crime they’re often at the most stressful time in their entire life. They feel like their world’s going to end. They’re often crying. They’re extremely distraught. And I enjoy trying to put them at ease. I enjoy trying to take some of the burden and the sometimes guilt and the sorrow that they have and taking it off their shoulders and giving it to be because really that’s all they can do. I mean when someone’s in a situation where they’re charged with a serious crime the one thing they can do is hire the best lawyer they can. And if they sit there and worry about and stew about it for the next eight months while the case is pending they’re going to give themselves a heart attack. So I enjoy helping people and I enjoy, you know, quite frankly, fighting the government. It’s the most important thing that I do and whether my client’s 100 percent innocent or 100 percent guilty means absolutely nothing to me. My job is to get them off if I can and to if I can’t win the case get them the best result that I can.

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