Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Attorney in Mesa, Arizona

Hiring a Lawyer: How should one go about hiring a lawyer?

Mesa, AZ personal injury attorney Robert L. Greer talks about the different types of ways someone can seek out the lawyer best suited for their specific case.

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You know, traditionally, you go on recommendations of friends, people who have good experience and our firm generally takes referrals more than anything else. The experience of an attorney is something that lay people usually don’t know so I always recommend to my clients to ask an attorney that they know and trust for the name of someone who works in an area in which they’re looking for help. That’s the best way. Alternatively, there are a number of organizations who are selective about who gets to join them. Trial lawyers, for example, are members of certain organizations by invitation where they’re interviewed and reviewed by their peers and by judges that’s also a good source.

The Arizona State Bar has a website where you can search for an attorney by specialty. They have certified specialists in the state that’s also another good way. But it really comes down to how you feel about the individual. Just because you go see a lawyer doesn’t mean you have to hire them. The idea is to sit down with her and talk and get to know who they are and what their philosophy is and what they can do for you. And then make the decision once you’ve walked away.

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