Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Attorney in St Paul, Minnesota

Certified Trial Specialist

Saint Paul railroad employee injury attorney William Jungbauer explains how to figure out if a lawyer has been chosen as a certified trial specialist.

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You can ask the lawyer, number one, if he or she comes to talk to you or you could check them out on the internet. The internet’s a wonderful thing. You can see what people advertise what they claim and then, of course, you can check with the organizations themselves to see if they really are certified and what the credentials are. For instance, as an example the state of Minnesota certifies lawyers as civil trial specialists if you take a secondary bar exam and provide all kinds of information on cases you’ve tried, lawyer’s you’ve dealt with, clients, even adverse council. In addition to states, the National Board of Trial Advocacy also certifies, and again, if someone actually attains certification they can prove it to you. Not only list it but prove it. This is a document I’ve got from showing that I have been nationally certified a civil trial specialist for over 20 years. And lawyers should have that if they’re going to do it. In addition, there are other organizations that do peer review, which is talk to other lawyers and judges and they rate lawyers and those are important also.

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