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What is your approach to handling high net-worth cases?

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in our high net worth and ultra high net

worth cases

some of the issues are exactly the same

you know working to craft a custody plan

is the same

across the spectrum of our clients right

you want to put in place a plan that’s

best for the children one thing that’s

nice in a high net worth case is that

you often have the resources to make

sure the children are fully supported

regardless of what’s going on with the

family on the financial side what we

find is we really need a team of people

who can address the various issues that

come up in a high net worth case this

could be

issues about registering the transfer of

securities with the sec this could be

trust and estates attorneys that we need

to help us with

navigating changes to trusts that have

been put in place if that’s appropriate

oftentimes there may be a foundation

that’s been set up

we need help to make sure that both

spouses are able to continue to work

with that foundation going forward we’re

going to need experts to help us with

valuation issues if there are more

esoteric assets or assets that we need

help valuing so i think what we find in

those cases is while some of the pieces

are similar

negotiating with your spouse of many

years is always going to have components

that are similar regardless of how many

assets are at stake but there also may

be more complicated issues and our firm

certainly has handled a number of these

cases and we have the relationships with

these outside experts to help make sure

we have all of the information that we

need to help negotiate a successful


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NYC family law attorney Shannon Simpson shares her approach to handling high net-worth cases.

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