Family Estate Planning Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona

Blended Families: What are some of the challenges of estate planning with blended families?

Phoenix, AZ estate planning attorney Chikk Myers talks about how blended families work.

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I’m from a blending family as well, I’ve got five kids, my wife’s got six kids so I can really identify with a question, you know, how to deal with a blended family. Fortunately, ours get along but in most cases, there isn’t quite the family harmony we would like to have and there are disputes and some just don’t get along, this causes problems when something happens to one of the spouses. And the classic battleground is surviving spouse versus children over prior marriage. Community property versus ____ and separate property. Oh, dad promised me this; mom said she would do this for me, all of this comes out of the woodwork when someone passes away and the emotions are raging. Difficult situation.

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