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Well if a friend called me who didn’t live in Minnesota and needed a planner I’d say the number one question to ask a lawyer is are you a generalist or are you specialized in estate planning because it really can make a difference. But in terms of traits, it seems obvious are they detail orientated? Do they dot the Is and cross the Ts? Are they thorough? Are they good listeners? Do they bring everyone at the table into the conversation? I mean I’ve had clients comment that oh wow, you’re the first person that ever really looked at me and asked me about the asset situation. So just someone who cares and is deeply involved and wants to give the client the best plan is really the way to go. Another thing that’s important is someone who can communicate and explain technical information in an easy to understand manner ’cause there’s a lot of different taxes and planning techniques that can come up during a conversation.

Eden Prairie, MN Estate Planning Attorney Karen Schlotthauer talks about what someone should look for when looking for an estates planning attorney.

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