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Mental Health Disability – Memorable Employer Case

Minneapolis and St. Cloud employment law attorney Sheila Engelmeier discusses the advantages of working with an employment law attorney that has experience representing both employers and employees.

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So, one thing I first want to say is in our firm we represent both individuals and companies. That’s pretty unusual. I really like that because talking to between 250 and 350 a year who want to sue someone ’cause they feel mistreated is a great insight for the things to do and not to do when you’re trying to treat folks respectfully at work. Having said that – so, when I think about my most memorable case from the employer’s side, here’s what I think about.

My employer client, a small company with 20 employees calls me up and says, “Oh my gosh.” I just got a letter from the mother of one of my employees today who said, ‘Joe is bipolar, and here’s all the things that are wrong with him. Oh, by the way, if he’s dangerous here’s a hotline to call for the police.’ “Now that’s a really dicey situation because you’re not supposed to treat people differently because of their disability. He hasn’t shared any information and now you have private information about him that you didn’t ask for, and someone’s raising a question of danger. And how do you manage all of that? And that was a very challenging circumstance of how to protect privacy, how to handle reasonable accommodation and maintain safety all at the same time.

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