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A Memorable Nursing Home Case

Chicago, IL Personal Injury Attorney Mark P. Loftus talks about a very memorable nursing home case that’s important to him.

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A recent case I concluded involved a elder woman, obviously it was an nursing home. But she was an artist. So, although she had limited mobility, her family members would come visit her every day and she would draw with them and she’d point out art in various books. She loved art. She had art all over the wall.

Because she had limited mobility, she needed the use of what’s called a Hoyer lift, where it’s a mechanical lift that actually lifts the patient out of the bed to bring her over to the commode or to use the washroom, that sort of thing. And as it turned out, the individual who attempted to move her on a given day had literally been hired by the institution only a few days before, had received absolutely no training, and during the course of the move mishandled the equipment.

This poor woman was dropped onto a hard, concrete floor, suffered a significant hip fracture that was extraordinarily painful for her, and really made the remaining 18 months of her life extraordinarily painful and difficult for her. And thanks fully we were able to conclude that case on a successful basis for my client as well.

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