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Why you need a Woodbury DWI lawyer

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It’s a very common question. What can a lawyer do for you on a DWI?

Most people don’t think about the other ramifications besides just going to court in the criminal case on a DWI. There’s almost always a license penalty. Sometimes people’s license plates are taken away. Sometimes their vehicle is taken away. What to do in those contexts sometimes can be very complicated. Having somebody who knows the area of law in each one of those aspects can help you through that process. 

Additionally, some of the most biggest challenges – or some of the most – some areas where you can challenge a DWI, you don’t notice right away. You think that you ran your car off the road and you blew over twice the legal limit. “Well, I’m guilty of the DWI. How could anybody really make this case better for me or so-called win my case?” Sometimes those are the cases where they turn out more often than not where you might find something in the case to make that situation better for the client.

So I like to use the analogy of, “If you’re having chest pains, are you going to feel comfortable sitting at home for days or will you feel relieved if you go to the doctor.” If you’re wondering about the DWI and what kind of trouble you’re in and what’s going to happen to everything, are you going to feel better if you go talk to a lawyer about it or if you keep sitting at home, wondering.

Woodbury criminal defense attorney Robert Ambrose talks about why someone would need a DWI lawyer.

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