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What type of penalties am I looking at for a first time DWI?

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So most DWIs in the Twin Cities metro area, if it’s your first-time offense, you’re likely not doing jail time. Sometimes you may have to do some community service work, pay a fine, take an educational class, maybe a chemical dependency evaluation, maybe go attend a MADD panel, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, those sorts of things. 

Some other counties outside of the metro take a little bit harder line on first-time DWIs, or if people have prior alcohol-related offenses in their past or overage drink and drives or minor consumptions of alcohol. Sometimes those counties will take a little bit harder line and maybe ask for a little bit of jail time on your first-time offense.

Bob Ambrose – MN Criminal Lawyer, talks about the types of penalties that will happen for first-time DWIers.

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