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Getting Your License Back

Roseville, MN DWI defense attorney Dan Koewler talks about what he can do in helping clients get their license back if it has been revoked for a DWI.

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Depending on the circumstance of the case, there’s several different ways to get somebody’s license back. In some counties, particularly in the metro area, we can actually get the license reinstated while their case is pending. So while we’re waiting to go to court, we can get them driving again free and clear. That means no interlock, no work permit, no nothing. It puts them in the same position they were in the day before the officer arrested them. There’s also other things we can do, obviously, the most important being winning the case. If we can win the case in the end, nobody’s going to lose their license and they’re going to be back in the position they were, again, before they got arrested. One thing we can do for people in counties where we can’t get them reinstated is help them with the process of getting a work permit or getting on the ignition interlock program. Those are currently the only two ways for somebody to drive while their license has been revoked for a DWI. So again, depending on the facts of the case we’ve got a couple different ways to try to get people back on the road as quick as possible so that they can keep working, keep helping their families, continue living their lives.

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