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DUI Cases: What is your experience in handling DUI cases?

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So I’ve done hundreds of DUI cases. We live in Los Angeles. You have to drive everywhere. It’s a fact of life. So what’s challenging about the DUI situation is this. You’re fighting two separate charges, so in every DUI case there’s two possible charges, and they get filed every time. One, you were generally driving under the influence, and they need to show you were impaired, and then two is a more technical charge, which says that your blood alcohol was above .08 at the time of driving. And I would say the hard part about a case like this is you have to beat both charges in order to not have the DUI on your record, but given that driving is ubiquitous and we have terrible public transportation, it’s one of the most common calls that I receive.

Los Angeles, CA criminal defense attorney Karen L. Goldstein talks about her experience in handling DUI cases. Karen is the recipient of Trial Attorney of the Year 2020, The Jerry Giesler Memorial Award, by the Criminal Courts Bar Association (CCBA)

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