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I am an addict but want to turn my life around. Can you help me?

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So oftentimes, when people have an addiction issue, chemical dependency to drugs or alcohol, we can turn them to get a chemical evaluation and we can refer them to get what’s called a chemical dependency evaluation. That’s meeting with a private counselor to determine the level of care needed. And maybe sometimes it’s just taking some educational classes. Sometimes it’s out-patient treatment. Sometimes it’s in-patient treatment. 

I am just their lawyer. I am supposed to analyze their case legally. But any of my clients that have ever done treatment, it’s never hurt their case. So I’m not the one to make that decision on whether they should go to treatment or not. That’s why you start with an evaluation, see what the evaluation recommends, and if it recommends something that you’re comfortable with, then go and do it.

Ambrose Law – Woodbury Criminal Defense Lawyer, talks about his service of rehabilitation for drugs.

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