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Preparing for Divorce: How can I prepare myself for a divorce?

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Preparing yourself for divorce is very important. It’s critical. It’s something you can do right away whether or not you end up going through a divorce. So the advice I give to clients is try to organize. Organize your paperwork, organize your finances. You want to take a look at all of your assets. Start to pull whatever documentation that you have or you can get access to. Store it securely. Same for debts. Same for income, for your own income and your spouse’s income. And make a list of expenses. You know what your household expenses are. You have a budget going in that’s really going to help you in terms of figuring out what support is appropriate for you. So the more organized you can be is also going to shorten the time that you need to spend with a lawyer because you’re going to come already with everything that is already organized for you and that you will need during the process anyway. Part of what we must do in California when we go through the divorce process is help our clients complete disclosure statements. So if you can kind of come in with that already – a start on it, you’re going to help yourself tremendously. And it also helps people lower their anxiety. Because most people do not have this kind of information at their fingertips, start the process of gathering information. Also find a support system. Also a therapist is helpful to kind of get on deck. Because you’re going to be going – even the most amicable divorce can be an emotional nightmare. So it’s going to really test you throughout. So go ahead and get your team in place I would say. Form a relationship with your accountant if you never had one before. That person is going to be very helpful to you in your divorce. So there’s many different things that you can do to kind of set yourself up even before your initial meeting with a lawyer.

Los Angeles, CA family law attorney Robyn C. Santucci talks about the steps you can take to prepare for a divorce, even if you aren’t sure it’s going to happen. She explains that preparing for divorce is a crucial and proactive step that you can take regardless of whether you ultimately proceed with the divorce. I advise my clients to focus on organization as a starting point. This includes organizing your paperwork and finances. Take inventory of your assets and gather any relevant documentation, securely storing it. The same applies to debts and both your income and your spouse’s income. Creating a list of expenses and establishing a budget will be invaluable in determining appropriate support arrangements. By being organized, you can also reduce the time spent with your lawyer, as you will already have everything in order, which will be necessary throughout the process.

In California, part of the divorce process involves completing disclosure statements. If you can begin gathering the necessary information ahead of time, it will significantly benefit you and alleviate anxiety. It is common for individuals not to have immediate access to all the required information, so starting the process of gathering it can be immensely helpful. Additionally, it is essential to establish a support system during this challenging time. Engaging the services of a therapist can provide emotional support, as divorce, even when amicable, can be emotionally challenging. Building a team of professionals is also recommended. Establishing a relationship with an accountant, especially if you haven’t worked with one before, can prove invaluable during the divorce process.

Taking these proactive steps and setting yourself up for success even before your initial meeting with a lawyer will empower you and help streamline the divorce process.

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