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Can you provide a quick overview of the divorce process in New York?

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so you’re going to have the cust custody

side and the financial side and the

financial piece um is always going to

take some time to resolve because before

you can even start having a real

conversation about what the outcome

should be you have to know the lay of

the land where are the assets what are

the income

how are we going to make a plan so that

both people can live in a reasonable way

going forward and it’s only once you

have all of that information that you

can really start putting together a

financial plan what i tell new clients

about the divorce process is that it’s

going to take some time even if you want

it done quickly even if it’s as amicable

as it could possibly be because in order

to advise

our clients on the financial piece we

need to understand what the finances are

which just means gathering information

we need to understand the assets and the

liabilities we need to understand the

income if there are assets the value of

which is not readily apparent we need to

make some effort to understand the value

anything from homes to business

interests jewelry

art we need to understand the values

that we can advise our clients on how we

might divide up those assets and make a

plan for both people going forward so

even when we work as quickly as possible

it still takes some time to get that

done and on the custody side

a lot of times my conversation with my

clients is well

how do you think it’s best

to put in place a process for dealing

with this do you want to work through

the lawyers do you have a child

development expert you’re already

working with do you have a child

therapist you’re working with is there a

third party that might help navigate the

access time and the decision-making

process and so you want to kind of

without overwhelming our clients with

all of this usually like a crash course

divorce 101 when you come in with all of

the different pieces

and then over time we start to work

through it all and it just it just takes

some time so one thing i do hope our

clients know is that we want to make

sure that we take the time to understand

all of the pieces so we can make the

best plan for going forward

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NYC family law attorney Shannon Simpson gives a quick overview of the divorce process in New York.

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