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What kind of traffic offenses can result in arrest?

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So there are several traffic offenses that can result in someone being arrested. Reckless driving, meaning you’re driving on a road in the District of Columbia with wanton and reckless disregard for the safety of others. Driving without a permit, meaning driving without a driver’s license. Also driving after your license has been suspended or revoked. Driving under the influence is a very common way to get arrested on the streets of the District of Columbia. Also driving at a speed over 30 miles per hour, that can also get you arrested. All of these offenses are arrestable in DC. Usually there won’t necessarily be jail time if convicted, but you can spend some time either in a police precinct being locked up or you can spend a night in jail depending on whether or not you are on probation or have any other pending cases.

Washington, DC criminal defense lawyer Jay P. Mykytiuk talks about the kinds of traffic offenses that his firm handles.

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