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Types of Criminal Law Cases

Winona, MN Criminal Defense Attorney J.P. Plachecki discusses the kinds of cases his firm has handled.

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Usually in our small, fair county, Winona County and I’ll use a, well; I won’t use a recent case. If there’s a big case where 10 people are charged felonies they all come here. And, obviously, they don’t come at once but usually all 10 will filter in here to try to get us to represent them. So we do the highest profile cases you’d see in the newspaper and we do the smallest cases, the ones you don’t read about. And recently, one of the local tow truck drivers came in with his grandson and I think he had a reckless driving case. And I told Mr. Borkosky that I would take on the reckless driving case. I think we charged a nominal fee. But I told Mr. Borkosky that at the end of the trial, at the end of the case I insisted on being paid with a full tow truck uniform. And I assured him I would do a nice job for his grandson. And when I got the reckless driving case reduced to a 34 in a 30, Mr. Borkosky brought me the full towing uniform, pants, shirt, jacket, and hat. So we handle all case. I’ve tried cases for a half pig. At one point, I tried seven in a row for a guy without losing. And the first one was a half a pic, I think the third one was the other half, I don’t know if it was the same pig. I took his 30/30 on another case so high profile cases right down to the smallest case that you can imagine we handle them all.

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