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The easiest way to minimize your expenses is to help your lawyer and help your lawyer’s staff. Do everything that the lawyer tells you to do. Produce and accumulate and deliver to the lawyer’s staff everything that the lawyer needs to help you get through your divorce.

The second bit of advice that I often give about minimizing expenses is don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t argue over every single asset in your estate. If it really doesn’t matter, don’t worry about it. Compromise, settle, don’t litigate, and don’t argue about everything, every single thing in your marital estate.

Another helpful way of minimizing costs is mediation. And the courts require mediation right at the beginning of the dissolution these days and that’s a good way for the parties who are getting divorced to learn exactly what’s happening. It gives them information and it makes them more aware of the divorce process and what to fight about and what not to fight about. What to push to the limit, which would be a trial if necessary and what not to.

So once again, help your lawyer, give him everything he needs and then don’t sweat the small stuff and most of the stuff is small.

Minneapolis family law attorney Denis Grande talks about how you can minimize legal expenses while going through divorce.

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