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When to Use a Local Attorney

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The location of the attorney sometimes it’s not relevant, I have to admit, you can get a lawyer anywhere. But I think it’s really key in cases where you’re dealing with smaller jurisdictions. Having big city lawyers come in to smaller counties sometimes it can impress but oftentimes it’s more bluster than anything and when you have a local attorney who knows the community, the community morals and atmosphere, their mood, who know the judges, who know the clerks who work there that is really key.

When you have had experience with a particular judge, you know how they might rule in a certain scenario that is much better than having walking in totally cold. And there’s attorneys who may have high hourly rates, they may come across having tons of experience overall. But if they’re walking into a venue where they have no experience and no relationship they can be at a big disadvantage and I’ve seen many an out of state or out of county attorney walk away beaten badly and clients wishing they had gotten a local attorney.

Occasionally, a local attorney in a real small community dependent on who their characters are, who the actors are in the case and the parties you may need to get somebody outside who doesn’t have that too close of a relationship but that’s fairly rare. And if you have an attorney that you’re most comfortable with and maybe it’s the company attorney, if you will, or the family lawyer that attorney if he is worth his salt will know when is a good time to hire a local attorney. It may be an extra expense but in the end, having a local attorney on board will pay off.

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney, James Johnson, talks about the benefits of using a local attorney in litigation.

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