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Well, unfortunately, the construction job site can involve serious injuries or fatalities. And in those cases, I do get involved to represent the contractors or a contractor who’s at that job site. For example, I’ve handled wrongful death case at a construction site that involved the collapse of a crane, a very large crane. And unfortunately, it resulted in the loss of the operator of that crane. And so, my approach to handling those cases is I am there to assist my client in gathering the documents. I take the lead in doing that since their focus certainly is not on gathering what they need to get and preserving what they need to preserve. Their mind is elsewhere as it should be.

And so, I am there to help them through the process and deal with the minutiae that can come with any sort of personal injury that is at a construction site. I assist them in getting the documents that they have, the contracts, the insurance, and exchanging that with other parties, asking for contracts from other parties and contractors who are doing the same work that they’re doing out at the project. So we can understand who may be responsible for certain roles, who may have had to indemnify somebody for certain work on the job. And so that’s really our focus is to get down into the details so that the client does not have to be part of that process because, again, understandably it’s an unfortunate incident that has happened and it can create stress and worry on behalf of our clients so anything we can do or I can do to help them is my primary goal.

Minneapolis, MN commercial litigation lawyer Lauren Nuffort explains how she approaches defending a lawsuit involving a serious injury at a construction site.

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